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The Unique Benefits of Recruiting Tracking Software -
by: Kent Pinkerton
Human resource departments, staffing agencies, and professional recruiting firms all need to keep track of the various people that they deal with. Any company that deals with hiring needs recruiting tracking software. Recruiting tracking software has many features that streamline the recruitment and hiring processes. This software enables the user to compile a database of all applicants, parse applicant resumes, and schedule interviews and follow-up meetings with applicants.

One of the basic functions of recruiting tracking software is to create a database of job applicants. The database stores all the information that the applicants provide about themselves such as their name, address, phone number, cover letter and resume. The database is organized in such a way that recruiters can search for any type of information by clicking on different tabs. All contact info is on one tab, while skills, work history, and any other pertinent information is stored on other tabs. Another tab keeps track of all correspondence the company has with the applicant. This tab is useful for listing any important information about past appointments or interviews and any upcoming meetings with the applicant.

Recruiting tracking software is also useful for resume parsing. Resume parsing involves breaking down a resume into its most important components for easy access. This means that recruiters can choose to look at all of the resumes submitted by applicants who share a certain attribute, such as all the applicants with masterís degrees, or all local applicants, without having to search through every resume individually.

Recruiting tracking software is great for keeping track of particular applicants and scheduling appointments and interviews. The database can be easily updated to include any new information. The user doesnít need to keep track of any paper because all information is stored in the program.

Anyone who deals with hiring or recruiting should use recruiting tracking software. These programs eliminate the need to keep extensive paper files by storing all the information on a computer in easy to access files.

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