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Too Many Online Golf Tips…Which One Do I Use
by: Mike Pedersen
Online golf tips are on the increase. This is hardly surprising because we are in the information age and virtually every kind of information you can think of has increased tremendously in quantity over the internet and continues to do so at a rapid rate.

The information age has had the effect of putting tremendous power in the hands of the individual by making huge amounts of information available on anybody’s desktop. As long as that person has a connection to the internet.

This has come with its’ own disadvantages. One of them is that there are too many experts dishing out online golf tips that golfers often get confused and find it extremely difficult to tell who is a genuine expert on the subject and who is not.

Actually there are a number of things to look for before accepting online golf tips as being the sort that can be useful and beneficial to you and your game.

The first is the number of years that the person has been involved in the particular golf discipline that they are giving online golf tips on. Have they been in it long enough to have written a book on the subject for example? Quite often a book confirms an experts depth of knowledge in their particular discipline.

The second thing to look at closely is the advice being given. Does it promise everything for nothing? Or does it promise that you will revolutionize your game by simply purchasing a certain golf product?

These are tell-tale signs that all is not well. Golf is an athletic sport these days and strength training plays an important role in helping golfers improve their game. Many people hate even the thought of strength exercises, but that is the reality and even the genuinely good golf products that an expert will recommend in their online golf tip should involve some exercising effort from the golfer before they can enjoy the benefits of an improved game on the golf course.

You should be careful about the source of any online golf tip you receive.

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