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Model Airplanes
by: Peter Jay
Model airplanes are an excellent hobby for any child or adult. There are many types of model airplanes. The most commonly thought of types of model airplanes are the model airplane kits. People purchase a kit that contains all of the parts and pieces for them to construct their own model airplane. Such a hobby provides one with the aesthetically pleasing sensation of constructing one’s own plane. One can feel the thrill of a scientist, on the verge of discovery and invention. One can experience the feeling of having created or organized something. When you are done with this constructive activity, you can behold afterward the results of your efforts, which provides one a feeling of accomplishment.

Another type of model airplane is the wooden model airplane or mahogany model airplane. These model airplanes are carved or handcrafted out of fine wood and individually painted. Some airplane enthusiasts would prefer to purchase their plane and paint it themselves. They are often pre-constructed and sold the purchaser in whole, unless one constructs or carves their own model airplane. Wooden model airplanes are designed to be an exact miniature scale replica of actually military, commercial, or private airplanes. Wooden model airplanes are more expensive than model airplane kits. They are often purchased by those who are fans or have a love for airplanes in general. They are used for display in homes or offices and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and other feeling they may inspire in the type of individual who might purchase the small replica of such a flying machine.

The aforementioned model airplanes are often for display and the pleasures of construction. This next type of airplane model, however, provides airplane enthusiasts with a hobby and sport for recreational purposes. The Radio Control Model airplane is a plane built for the sole purpose of flying. Radio control airplanes come in different types as well. There are gas powered radio control airplanes, and electrical or battery powered radio control airplanes. The gas powered planes are of course much larger than their battery powered counter parts, reaching up to six feet in length. The gas powered planes often cost more as well. Gas powered radio control airplanes are primarily used by the experienced flyers of model airplanes, while electrically powered model aircraft are flown by both amateurs and professionals.

Radio control airplanes can be a fun activity to do just about anywhere for anyone. You can go to the local park to fly your radio control model airplane around. You can go up to the mountains and throw it off a cliff and begin to fly if you like. Radio control model airplanes function exactly like full size planes. Their wings are designed to create lift when moving forward. Their propellers create thrust to push the plane forward. The control of the plane functions the same as well; the flaps on the wings or fins move, to move the entire plane. The same principles of science and flight apply to radio control model airplanes as well. The model airplane can stall in the air and fall similar to a real airplane.

All types of model airplanes can be found at your local hobby shops or at online hobby stores. Most hobby stores seem to have model airplanes as one of their main products for sale, and most also have several different types of the model airplanes mentioned above. So, if you are an airplane enthusiast, or would like to become one, visit your local hobby store, or search for one online and find the plane that is best for you.

Peter Jay is the Owner/President and CEO of Variety Access – Your online hobby store and more. For more information about hobbies, hobby products, or Variety Access, visit

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