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Personal Injury Solicitation Specialists
by: John Eastwood

Personal injury solicitation specialists are lawyers who help you with advice and the filing of claims in cases of personal injury, such as accidents at work or during a vacation, repetitive strain injury (RSI), road accidents, accidents caused by tripping and slipping outside the home or workplace and asbestosis. Most personal injury solicitation specialists work on a no-win, no-fee basis—this means that if they do not win a case, they do not get paid.

Most personal injury solicitation specialists have to work quite hard, because accident or personal injury compensation is settled after the courts or the insurance companies have been able to determine whose fault the accident was. If you have been involved in an accident at the workplace, make sure that you report the accident and have it recorded in the accident record book, along with detailed accounts from witnesses, before you go to the hospital for treatment.

If you are involved in a road accident, you will of course exchange names, addresses, and insurance details with the other driver. You should also try and remember what was said and done immediately after the accident, and keep a detailed record of your medical and other expenses and losses associated with the accident. In case the other driver challenges you and accuses you of negligence leading to the accident, you will need to get in touch with the police to get a police accident report filed, get statements from witnesses, and get photographs of the accident scene taken. Most personal injury solicitation specialists will advise you to proceed with a civil claim even if the police do not choose to prosecute the other driver for causing the accident. In case the other driver runs away from the scene of the accident, your claims will be settled by the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB).

In case you suffer an injury during a package tour abroad, you can sue the tour operator in your country of residence for negligence. To make such a claim, you should have purchased a package holiday, which includes accommodation in a hotel and the cost of a flight to and from your destination. There can be problems suing a foreign hotel, since different safety standards are applied in various countries.

In case you suffer a tripping or slipping accident at work, your personal injury solicitation specialist will have to find the workplace housekeeping staff sloppy, for not preventing such accidents. In case you are involved in a tripping and slipping accident on a pavement, your personal injury solicitation specialist would advise the taking of photographs and detailed measurements, to show the vertical discrepancy between adjacent paving stones.

These are some of the common cases that a personal injury solicitation specialist deals with on an everyday basis.

About the author:
John Eastwood is a well known and renowned writer. In past he had produced books , articles which are rich in issues which are popular among Laws . He had written many books, articles related to Legal issues, popular issues which are much appreciated by people around the country.

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