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Personal Injury Compensation Claims Culture
by: Martin Bleasdale

The "compensation culture" has been given a rather bad name over recent years; this is due to the large increase in no win no fee compensation claims not just in the States, but also across the globe. The question is, who is really to blame for this increase in claims?

People seeking such compensation claims have been described as "money grabbers" from a kerb tripping generation, personally I beg to differ, although it is true that there have been (and possibly will be more) false compensation claims from people wishing to make a fast buck, the majority of cases are from genuine victims of personal injury accidents which could have been avoided.

Personal Injury Compensation Claims are often made against organizations or individuals who have been the cause of accidents that should not have happened; with a little more due care and attention the whole incident could have been avoided.

Victims of accidents who have received personal injury due to an accident that was not their fault should be encouraged to make a personal injury compensation claim, this will not only compensate them for any injury or suffering caused, it will also remind organizations and individuals just how important it is to ensure that due care and attention is always made, especially in the working environment!

About the author:
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