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Personal Injury Claim - Win Without A Doubt!
by: Mumtaz Shah
Everyone likes winning! If you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning! Now winning at personal injury is a different ball game altogether. Do you want to claim compensation in direct result of an accident or injury? Okay, that's fine go ahead, you deserve it!

Life Before A Personal Injury Claim

I bet it was awesome… You were having the time of your life. Winning at everything, football, cricket, racing, baseball and even at work. Met targets, been promoted and of the likes. You were at the top of Mount Everest, going crazy like Rocky at the top of the stadium.

You've heard about accident injury claims and injury compensation claims meaning all the same thing. But never had the pleasure of feeling it and you DON'T want to. You think it can't be that bad except when you get involved in a car accident. Those I believe are painful!

Anyway reaching the pinnacle of success couldn't get any better.

Then one day an accident injury occurs… to YOU!

Your life falls apart. You can't win a single thing! Not even a date. You become a goof in the eyes of other people. You use to go out every Friday night. But now thanks to the accident injury, your bed is the only Friday night entertainment... well for the time being.

Life During An Injury Or Injury Claim

You feel like crap. PERIOD!

You were the first person everyone called when there was something going on everyday. You were like an operator, call after call after call. You had to specifically buy a phone that had a battery life for enough talk time in a whole day.

Now you don't even charge it for days and still your battery's full!

The Picture

There's nothing much you can do, beside catch up on films you kept thinking you'd get round to one day. Now you can watch movies all day or keep up to date with the news. What's happening around the world?

Before you hear about an accident and think how awful. But now you have absolute sincere remorse for those people in such situations. Just like Hurricane Katrina. How terrible is that?

The Feeling

You feel for other people, their losses, regardless how large or small.

Considering the best you can do is watch TV, soap after soap, movies after movie. There’s one thing you should never watch are the music channels!

These are happy, joyful 5 minute clips of people dancing, clapping, rocking their body and of the likes. If after a couple of clips your favourite tune comes on. You wanna move. You'll remember how it felt to be in such a happy position, singing and dancing.

You forget about your injury and move... 'OUCH!'

You remember you're injured and feel like crap again. Then you'll start wishing you weren't in that position and how the hell did you even get in that position in the first place. Just the thought of not moving let alone winning the games makes you think about your life in a different perspective.

The Move

After days of thoughts, it's time to do something about it. Get the best medication possible for pain relief, get a physiotherapy arranged, anything that gets you out of bed. Anything to be part of the real world again.

But what about the time lost? How are you going to get that back as once it's gone it's gone. You can't recover that, practically impossible!

The Injury Claim

Make an accident claim or an injury claim, both giving the same result. Choose the best no win no fee solicitor around and go for it. Then pour your feelings out! Sounds crazy even stupid for some people to mention their emotions to an accident solicitor let alone a stranger. It tends to be more difficult for men than women.

A compensation solicitor knows how you feel, they see many of the likes day in day out. However, if you don't mention your feelings including your injury then they can't make the 'ultimate winning personal injury claim'.

The Settlement

Compensation settlements cheques are based on various factors. It's not just your physical ability that's affected, so are your feelings.

For example if you were the best center forward in your neighbourhood, everyone wants you on their team. You can't play for anyone and after a while they don't want you on their team. How would you feel?

Hundreds of professional players around the world have to give up their careers cause of an accident injury. They also have to choose a different profession. It kills them psychologically! So what helps them to forget and move on? A compensation claim! Not exactly getting them back in the profession, but does compensate them to carry on with their lives.

Think about it?

About the author:
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