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Toxic Mold Lawyers Will be a Lot Busier Soon Due to Hurricanes in the Gulf and Flooding in the East
by: George McKenzie
Recent studies have found evidence that there is less of a connection between certain health problems and toxic mold than was previously believed. Nonetheless, in the wake of flooding on the US Gulf Coast and in the Eastern United States, the number of toxic mold-related lawsuits is certain to increase.

Toxic mold can grow anywhere in certain conditions. And if those conditions were created or allowed by a home builder or landlord, home buyers and tenants may have a right to sue and can seek a lawyer who specializes in toxic mold litigation.

How Can You Be Sure You Need a Toxic Mold Lawyer?

First, establish that you have a toxic mold problem. Be sure you have plenty of facts to back up your claims.

If you want to do an initial mold test of a property at a low cost, consider using a do-it-yourself mold test kit. There are a number of inexpensive commercial mold test kits available.

Find a Certified Mold Inspector to thoroughly inspect and test the home or building in question.

Hire a Certified Mold Remediator to develop a well-thought out, factually-strong mold remediation protocol plan with a realistic estimated remediation budget for taking care of any mold problems discovered by the Certified Mold Inspector.

After you've done these things, you'll have the facts you need to present to a toxic mold lawyer.

What makes a good "toxic mold lawyer?"

First, look for a lawyer who has experience in toxic mold cases.

Your toxic mold lawyer should already have an established network of inspectors and expert witnesses they can bring to court to testify for you.

How to Help Your Toxic Mold Lawyer Win Your Case

Once you choose a toxic mold lawyer, be prepared when you meet to discuss your toxic mold case for the first time.

*Explain to the toxic mold lawyer, clearly and simply, what you want to happen as a result of your toxic mold litigation.

*Have a list of questions ready about your legal rights in a toxic mold lawsuit.

*If possible, bring a chronological "journal" of facts about your situation: dates when you first started noticing health problems,
specific symptoms of health problems, dates and times of doctors' appointments and doctors' recommendations, and clues that you had a toxic mold problem like greenish-black growths in basements and bathrooms.

*Have copies of the tests results and a remediation plan mentioned above available for the toxic mold lawyer to review

Details like these can help your mold lawyer understand your situation and what needs to be done, which in turn will save time for your mold lawyer, and make it easier for your toxic mold lawyer to begin working on your mold case.

Where to Start Looking for a Toxic Mold Lawyer provides a resource website focused on toxic mold information, including a section on finding a toxic mold lawyer.

About the author:
George McKenzie is a freelance writer and CEO of Mastermind
Learning Systems http://www.mastermindlearning.comHe's a
former TV news anchor and radio talk show host.

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