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Have You Plotted Your Story Before Writing It?
by: Nick Vernon

Creative Writing Tips Ė

The writer, who doesnít have the time to plot, always finds the time to rewrite.

Sound familiar?

Iíve been guilty of this too, back in the early days of my writing apprenticeship. I was so eager to get stuck into writing my story that I wouldnít bother with plotting.

Plotting gives you a sense of direction. Itís your map, which will lead you to write your story. Leaping into the unknown rarely works. Without a plot several things can happenÖ.

  • Our stories arenít focused
  • We lose our way
  • Our characters donít come to life because we donít take the time to develop them
  • We get stuck
  • The story strays from us

And all this happens when we havenít figured everything out first.

Your plot is the foundation of your story. Itís the skeleton, which will hold your story together. Your plot is there to work everything out first Ė to see if it can be worked out, and then flesh out that skeleton with other elements that make a story.

Plotting is the difference between writing a story for yourself and writing one for an audience. Writing for ourselves doesnít require too much strain because we only have ourselves to please. Itís when we have to please our readers that the hard work begins.

If you are aiming to sell your stories, plotting is a must.

Have you plotted your story before writing it?

About The Author

Besides his passion for writing, Nick Vernon runs an online gift site where you will find gift information, articles and readersí funny stories. Visit

This article was posted on August 24, 2004


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