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Have You Done Your Cultivating Today?
by: Charity Adams
I grew up on a farm, moved to the big city, if there is such a thing in Nebraska, only to come home and marry the farmer 13 miles up the road from where I grew up. I know a thing or to about cultivating. To the non-agriculture readers cultivate on the farm means to go out into the field and run a machine through it to remove all the weeds and debris from the corn rows. This allows the corn to get all the nutrients that it needs to grow, so that when harvest comes around we have the best yield we can get.

Today was a cultivating day. My office was so stacked with crap, I could barely find the keyboard. I finally had to sit down and clear it out so that I could focus on the work that needed to be done.

Then I proceeded to look out the office door only to realize that the rest of the house was nearly as bad. I needed a machete to cut through the clutter just to find the kids.

Once the house was clean I noticed my 3 kids needed some extra tending so I shut off the phone and heaven forbid hit the power button on the computer. We played some games and even watched a movie.

Then I laid down for a long over due nap.

Work at home moms and dads need to take some time to cultivate something other than their work if they plan to be productive. Going 9 - 0 on the business, the house and the kids all at the same time will eventually take over your productivity. Your focus will be come skewed and you will begin to work more with less output. I bet that the moms and dads that are reading this can relate to these words.

We need to be reminded to stand back and cultivate the important things in life every so often and you will see a greater yield. Do you need to cultivate today?

About the author:
Charity Adams, CEO Mom, is the mother of 3 children under the age of 8. She has been an online entreprenuer for 8 years. Visit Charity's latest site Mercury Messenger News an Article Submission Site

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